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Suckers Exclaim

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Suckers Explain Their Shrinking Lineup with 'Candy Salad' 

By Andrea Warner 

Since their self-titled debut EP in 2009, Suckers have laid claim to all the key descriptors befitting of a "buzz band": Brooklyn-based, art pop, sampler happy. Riding the high of acclaim, the three-piece (cousins Quinn Walker and Austin Fisher, and childhood friend Pan) expanded to a four-piece with the addition of drummer Brian Aiken and released their first full length, Wild Smile, in 2010.

After lengthy tours honing their performance chops -- and often upstaging the headliners for whom they were opening -- Suckers retreated to work on their follow-up album. The result? The catchy and clever Candy Salad, and the surprisingly casual reveal that Aiken has left the band.

"There's just three of us at the moment," Pan tells Exclaim! as Candy Salad's late April release date approaches. "We never made a major announcement or anything."

"Brian is moving to Thailand to start a new life. He bought a one-way ticket," Fisher adds, by way of explanation that this is a permanent change to Suckers' lineup.

They don't go into any further details, but say that the end result "has worked out nicely," and they've added a drummer and keyboardist to their touring band to fill Aiken's void.

"We're just now starting to play all the songs and promote them, so nothing else is really going to change immediately," Fisher says. "Until we start writing again."

Pan explains: "And I don't think that will change. If anything, with just three writing songs, it will make it faster."

As previously reported, Candy Salad is due to arrive April 24 via Frenchkiss Records. In support of the new album, Suckers will be out on a North American tour come May. You can see all the stops listed below.

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