Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fredrich Vron Rockengrock

Freddy is a character from a book I'm collaborating on with my friend, Dennis Adams. I've got three chapters written thus far. Here is the very opening page.

Fredrich Vron Rockengrock
Written by Andrea Warner from a concept by Dennis Adams

Chapter 1: Boy #7 and the Fire at Pod Auger Orphanage

Boy #7 had lived in Pod Auger Orphanage since he was around two months old. His exact birthday was never known. He’d suddenly appeared one day, wrapped securely in a plaid blanket, nestled amongst the linen of the laundry cart. Bit by bit, the police were able to piece together parts of the story, but they were never able to find the home that was missing this baby boy.

He looked like a lot of kids at Pod Auger, and yet sort of like no one. He knew he felt different. The other kids loved him, but something about him must not have appealed to the potential parents. He supposed that was why he had never been picked when they trucked in for the Sunday viewings. The nuns told the story of how he came to live there, and the Mothers and Fathers would shake their heads, and look at him with sympathy, but he was already tainted. He was too tragic. Too different.

But, deep inside, Boy #7 knew he was different in an important way. He was meant for something fantastical. Something he couldn’t even imagine. There must have been a reason that nobody ever picked him as their son. Maybe he was destined for greatness.

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