Friday, October 24, 2008

Justina Kervel

I did some quick Q&As for the WE's Education issue:

Name: Justina Kervel

Your job: “Owner of and tattoo artist at Liquid Amber Tattoo.”

From where did you get your post-secondary education? “ I did three years of Sciences and Arts at the University College of the Fraser Valley, and I did a year at West Coast College of Health Care. ”

How did your education prepare you for the job you now have? “Most of the art classes I took helped me be a well-rounded artist. The science courses helped me get into a medical college, which in turn taught me the medical side needed to run a tattoo shop. Not only is it very important these days to learn everything about the art involved, but you should also know about the human body in order to be successful.”

The best career advice I received in school was... “Never give up if it’s something you want.”

The best career advice I didn’t receive in school was... “The harder it is to get what you want, the more you appreciate it when you get it.”

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