Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adrian Glynn Review

This is my CD review in Discorder's December/January issue.

Adrian Glynn Review
by Andrea Warner

Adrian Glynn’s eponymous debut EP packs plenty of love, heartache, and promise into seven songs. The songs are reminiscent of Jakob Dylan, with a hint of Bob Dylan, updated to reflect the current trend towards alt-country sensibilities shared by hipsters and folkies alike.

Glynn’s voice is lovely and intimate. The strongest songs corroborate the story of a man who can’t quite catch a break when it comes to women. “Paper Crown” offers a bluesy growl about missing a woman. The next track, “Mother’s Song” opens ‘we all love a little bit too hard’ and asks ‘when are you coming home, my darlin’?’

The entire EP is an exploration of earnest feelings, but periodically the efforts feel manipulative rather than deep. The last song is a woeful lament from our hero comparing his relationship with a woman to that of Jesus’ plight: ‘she was my cross to bare/and I, I laid her down.’ While this song’s a wonderful showcase for Glynn’s voice, the weighty metaphor as well as literally signifying the end of the song and the album with the sound of footsteps and a door closing, seem trite when one gets the feeling the artist was really shooting for meaningful.

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