Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drugs & Celebrity

Heath Ledger's been found dead in his New York apartment in a possible drug-related death. His wonderful performances in I'm Not There and as the brilliantly terrifying Joker in the upcoming Dark Knight were only glimpses of an incredible future in film.

Ledger's death comes just a week after Brad Renfro was also found dead from a drug-overdose.

What a sad and lonely way to die.

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Amanda Nicole said...

You know, it's funny. I'm not a celebrity hound, but I've been thinking a lot about Heath Ledger's death and it's reflection of our treatment of celebrities who are, let's face it, media celebrities: pawns used by the media as distractions from real issues we should be paying attention to.

Not to say someone like Mr. Ledger doesn't deserve recognition for his amazing artistic work, but the hype built up around these people--young people--has got to be psychologically disturbing. When you can't walk to the store in sweats and messy hair without your image being splashed around the globe, it's got to get to a person.