Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is a review I've written as a sample piece for Beyond Robson (, as I might see some shows for them and then tell everyone about them.

And, here's a link to Carlos Hernandez Fisher's awesome photography that will accompany this piece and future concert reviews:

Stars Shine Bright in Vancouver
By Andrea Warner

Stars brought down the Commodore last night, and it wasn't because of some cataclysmic astronomical event. It was simply awesome indie pop and an audience that kept the show going well past the band's requisite first encore.

Stars are back on tour supporting their newest CD, In Our Bedroom After The War, and they sound better than ever. Lead singer Torquil Campbell, who now resides in Vancouver, made the Commodore shake with newer numbers like the Michael-Jackson-by-way-of
-Justin-Timberlake-infused "Genova Heights".

Stars co-lead singer Amy Millan seduced the audience with her little girl voice and her boozy, seductive take on "Calendar Girl". About three quarters of the way into the show, feeling the rapturous love all around her, she actually fell backwards onto the raised arms of the adoring public and crowd-surfed.

After a lengthy four-song encore, Stars attempted to head home for the night but the audience pulled them back out on stage for a second encore. Campbell laughingly asked "What more do you want from us?" It was pretty obvious: they didn't want the Stars to go out.

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